Chances are that you’ve been working from home along with the rest of the world for a few weeks already. Perhaps your company has decided, like many others, that working remotely is the way forward and you’re starting to plan for long term productivity at home.

We put together a few tips for home office set up success with Storage King.

1. Set-Up a Dedicated Work Space

It’s safe to assume that we’ll be benefiting from working remotely for a while to come due to the COVID_19 pandemic. Makes sense to create a space that you can use for the long term to keep productivity high and separate work from home life.

Find a space in your home with natural light that you can have privacy in. If you need to move furniture to make space, let us assist with packing and moving your furniture into a secure Storage King facility.

Our highly trained team makes transforming your home into an office space a breeze with contactless interaction, sanitary protocol and adequate PPE for their safety and yours.

Contact us today and let us help turn your set-up into a successful workspace.

2. Morning Routine Momentum

Morning routine is par for the course when working in an office, and your morning commute might even be a big part of how you set up your day.
When working from home, the transition from pillow to PC can be much more jarring.

An easy way around this is to tackle your to-do list at the same time as you would if you were still going into the office. Make coffee, check your emails and touch base with your colleagues.

3. Structure Your Day

You’ve become your own personal manager now that you’re working from home. Without things like in-person meetings or colleague catch-ups to break up your day, you can lose focus or burn out fast.

Stick to a schedule by segmenting what you’ll do and when you’ll do it throughout the day. Use online calendars, create personal events and reminders or consider batch working to boost productivity.

4. Stay Connected

While working remotely helps focus on your work, you can risk feeling isolated from the company culture at large. Make sure you’re scheduling regular Slack, Skype or Instant Message chats with your team members. Share some comic relief or just brainstorm with each other on a regular basis to keep the company morale high.