Storage King provides an easy mobile storage solution where the Storage Pod is brought to you.
Some of the most successful inventions of our modern age have been based on providing convenience for busy individuals. Think of the lift, escalators, the laptop, smartphone and the Internet – anything that makes life easier has to be a winner!

When it came to providing storage facilities, Dylan Rodrigues and Dr Antonio Rodrigues, both proudly South African businessmen, realised that convenience was the key factor in providing the right solution.
“We came up with the concept for Storage King when we were trying to find storage for ourselves,” explains Dylan. “The question that cropped up was, who has the time or energy to make multiple trips to a storage facility when one’s trying to focus on packing and moving?”

“Our mobile Storage Pods are brought to you and placed right at your doorstep. You can load and unload your mobile Storage Pod yourself or have our experienced staff do it for you. You then lock your Storage Pod and keep the keys. The units are taken to one of our storage depots where they are kept safely and securely. If you want access to the units, you can visit the premises which are open six days a week, or we can deliver the units back to you.”
In a nutshell, Storage King is the ultimate one-stop service for all your short and long-term storage needs – you book, they deliver, you pack and lock the containers, they take them and store them until you need access to them again.

8 Useful Packing Tips – Buy Online and We Will Deliver Packaging Material To Your Door!

Packaging Supplies

Storage King has listed a few tips on how to pack, wrap and load your precious belongings. Unlike packing for a new home, storage comes with unique challenges that make forward planning essential. We are here to help you prepare every step of the way by ensuring your goods are protected from breakage and easily accessible.

Fortunately, with Storage King’s help, you can make the most out of your Storage Pod without spending too much time packing or worrying about your personal effects.

  1. Start with your Furniture

In almost all cases, furniture should go into the Storage Pod first. Large items like couches, beds and tables generally weigh more than boxes and provide an ideal foundation for stacking. If possible, these items can be placed vertically to optimise the storage space.

  1. Fragile Items

It’s best to ensure that any breakables or fragile items that are stored in boxes are clearly marked as fragile.

  1. Group Boxes by Weight or Fragility

A box filled with plates is going to weigh a lot, but will not serve as a good foundation for stacking. A box of books, on the other hand, will make an ideal foundation piece. When you pack, group your items in terms of whether or not they are foundation pieces. Large boxes are ideal for lighter items such as linen whereas small boxes are ideal for heavier items such as books.

  1. CompactPacking

Compact packing is almost always safer than a muddled up heap. Keep things tightly packed and you will avoid dust and fully utilise your storage container space.

  1. Wrapping Paper For Breakables

All breakables such as glasses and family china should be wrapped in paper for protection.

  1. Bubble Wrap is a Smart Investment

Bubble wrap may be costly, but it will also be well worth it. If you are planning on storing valuable breakables, wrap each item in bubble wrap and pack it carefully.

  1. Couch & Mattress covers

We highly recommend you cover your mattresses and couches with plastic covers, they are affordable and will protect your items from scuff marks and dust.

  1. Prohibited Items – What can’t you store?

One thing that people rarely consider is how dangerous it can be to have hazardous or perishable items in storage. Avoid storing things that are perishable or flammable. Anything that can decay over time or produce a smell should be kept out.

Such items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Firearms and/or ammunition
  • Fuels / oils
  • Food (including food stored in glass jars)
  • Insecticides
  • Liquid bleach
  • Animals
  • Lighters
  • Perishable Goods
  • Propane


Packing for storage can be quite a daunting task, but a little planning will go a long way. The more protection you add to your items the better!

Book our packing service and we will take care of it all. There is no need for you to leave your home or lift a finger. From crockery to furniture, our experienced staff will pack your items safely and securely for transit and storage, using quality packing materials.

Storage King has all the packaging supplies you need for the safe Storage of your belongings.
We offer Moving Kits, Cardboard Boxes, Document storage, Stationery, Bubble Wrap, Mattress & Couch Covers, Moving Blankets, Stationery, Labels, Tape… everything you need for storage or moving house.

DON’T FORGET: Any packaging material you order online will be delivered to you or can be collected from one of our indoor storage warehouses.