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Tips For Working From Home During Lockdown

Chances are that you’ve been working from home along with the rest of the world for a few weeks already. Perhaps your company has decided, like many others, that working remotely is the way forward and you’re starting to plan for long term productivity at home. We put together a few tips for home office [...]

8 Useful Packing Tips – Buy Online and We Will Deliver Packaging Material To Your Door!

Storage King has listed a few tips on how to pack, wrap and load your precious belongings. Unlike packing for a new home, storage comes with unique challenges that make forward planning essential. We are here to help you prepare every step of the way by ensuring your goods are protected from breakage and easily [...]

Mobile & Portable Storage Explained

Storage King provides an easy mobile storage solution where the Storage Pod is brought to you. Some of the most successful inventions of our modern age have been based on providing convenience for busy individuals. Think of the lift, escalators, the laptop, smartphone and the Internet – anything that makes life easier has to be [...]