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Storage King can help you save space, time and money. Storage King comes to you so accessing your container is just a phone call away. You’ll have assurance that your goods are safe and well protected at our secure warehouse.

How can Storage King help with your business storage?

Seasonal Merchandise

Expand your back room space availability and reduce labour costs with flexible offsite storage and transportation capacity.

Remodelling and Renovating

Storage King eliminates numerous project steps and costs with transportation and storage of old and new fixtures and merchandise.

Fixture, Furniture & Equipment

Storage King’s mobile storage system is the perfect collection, installation, transportation, and warehousing solution.

Construction Tools & Materials

Contractors and building supply wholesalers concur that Storage Pods are a better solution for loading, delivering, and storing.

Office and Employee Relocations

Whether you’re moving the entire company, or relocating occasional employees, Storage King provides the best moving and storage experience ever.

Event Storage Solutions

Storage King provides an easy, scalable way to safeguard and transport goods – without the need to organise and pay for a temporary fleet of trucks.

Here’s how it works:

  • We deliver one to seven Storage Pods to your business at your convenience for one economical price.
  • You can load your mobile Storage Pod(s) yourself or let our proficient staff do it for you.
  • You lock your unit and keep the keys.
  • We store the Storage Pod(s) in one of our secure, dry, indoor storage warehouses.
  • When you want to access your belongings, simply let us know and we will deliver your Storage Pod(s) to your location, or you can access your Storage Pod(s) 6 days a week at one of our storage warehouses.


Risk? Uncertainty? Not for our customers. From prompt and courteous drivers to helpful, knowledgeable sales and service professionals, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care.

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